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Protection of your valuable assets includes the use of advanced surveillance technology from Individually Alarmed Units to Electronic Coded Entry, to Remote Camera Surveillance.

Individually Alarmed Units

Each Self-Lock Storage Unit at Lee's Mini-Storage is equipped with its own Individual Alarm System. This protects each customer's property in addition to general overall security. This feature is especially important in providing a deterrent to the possibility of any customer attempting to gain access to a neighboring storage unit while legitimately on the premises. This feature is not found at most self-storage facilities, but is one that is important to Lee's Mini-Storage customers.
Located at:
  1249 Rogue River Hwy.
  Grants Pass, Oregon

Control Room Monitors

The Control Room at Lee's Mini-Storage is equipped with Surveillance Monitors connected to multiple remote cameras throughout the entire facility. On-site staff is always aware of what storage units are being accessed, as well as the possibility of curious activities. Computer controls verify that any opened storage unit is paired with timely customer entrance via Key Pad Entry Access Code.

24/7 Video Surveillance

Multiple cameras are prevalent throughout the facility and record all activities, even during closed or off business hours.

Self-Lock Storage Units

Each self-storage unit is secured by the lock of your choice. YOU lock it...and YOU keep the key. We do not keep duplicate keys of our customers locks. We value your privacy, and keep our facility secure to that end.

Electronic Key Pad Coded Access

Each customer is given a coded access number for entering the facility at your convenience during
Gate Hours of from 6:00 am. to 8:00 pm., 7 days a week.

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